Review: Doctrines of Demons by Eddie Donnally

★★★★ Doctrines of Demons by Eddie Donnally

Doctrines of Demons: The New Age Dawns is the first book in a projected trilogy by Reverend Eddie Donnally.

Pastor Casey Carl is worn out. He has used up every ounce of his energy trying to help the local kids on the streets, but he does not have much left to give. Then, in one bizarre night, Casey finds himself confronted by a demon, jailed, and accused of attempted rape. Exhaustion immediately becomes the least of his problems. Confused as to who would want to frame a small-time, washed-up pastor, Casey struggles to find answers while avoiding the media’s eye.

Despite his best efforts, a persistent reporter named Haley Woodhouse gets too close and starts asking difficult questions. Together, the two of them must unravel the mystery behind Casey’s fall from grace. Time is running out. Malevolent forces are gathering to visit a new calamity upon an unsuspecting world. Casey’s faith is wavering, but he is little more than an amusement to the powers of darkness. Only with God’s aid can he reclaim his conviction and stop a satanic tide of evil.

Doctrines of Demons is a dark, gritty, supernatural thriller that tackles some heavy issues like drug addiction, prostitution, and abuse without shying into ambiguity. Indeed, despite the clichéd usage of a “tortured” background, Casey’s struggles feel surprisingly genuine. It is rare to find a character that feels so real. Clearly, Donnally handled the creation of his fallen pastor with deft purpose. The plot is largely complete and well-formed, and it is remarkably easy to get swept up in Casey’s plight.

Though the book is heavily laden with ideas rooted in the Christian faith, it could very well be appealing as a cross-genre book for those interested in the idea of spiritual warfare. This cross-genre appeal is part of the book’s strength, as Christian readers will nod their heads in agreement, while secular readers will still find a riveting and well-crafted story. Make no mistake, this is a deeply religious book coming from a strict eschatological perspective, as Donnally himself feels this novel to be a reflection of actual events now transpiring, but this very belief will make the novel a fascinating and page-turning read for those who don’t share Donnally’s worldview. For those who do share his outlook, it’s a chilling prophecy.

The cover is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. The quality of the cover can be completely contradictory to the quality inside, but its job is to convince readers to buy a copy. If the outside is not eyecatching, nothing on the inside will matter because readers will not buy the book. Anything less than a professional cover could actively repel prospective readers; they will assume that the content of the book is as inferior as the visual representation.

In spite of a shaky design, this is a compelling read. Donnally knows how to bring his characters to life, and his skill of inserting real-life issues into fiction is undeniable. Doctrines of Demons should appeal to eschatological Christians and paranormal readers alike.

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