The CSR Way to Add Value and Increase Your Profits Compiled by Kalpana S. Murari

CSRCSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a tricky subject – what do corporations have to do to leverage social responsibility? How can a company act responsibly without affecting profits? This compilation of materials used for the study of sustainability for issues such as carbon emissions and climate concerns has been compiled by Murari from various sources to assist those looking for a more compact study guide. Murari took a Masters at Lewis and Clark College, and states that this book is inspired by text books from that course, although the exact course or Murari’s own expertise in the subject is not covered.

If the reader is looking for a quick reference to key topics at maybe an undergraduate level, this report lists several links to documents such as those at NASA, as well as studies on environmental concerns that corporations have to consider. Murari also delves into case studies, and offers some insight into how large brands can optimize their operations to build models that will minimize damage to natural resources.

The book does not present as a study guide, and would benefit highly from a more educational design for its cover, which also uses an unreadable font. This aside, although it cannot really be said exactly what has been written as original content by Murari and what is summary content of the text books that Murari has garnered information from, the references given are useful to those wanting to open up the subject of CSR and sustainability, and should serve as a reasonable starting point, as long as the links and information given are to be thoroughly updated by the compiler at regular intervals on this ever-changing discipline.