Soldier of Fortune (Book 1 of the Fortune Chronicles) by Kathleen McClure

Soldier of Fortune by Kathleen McClureGideon Quinn is a man with many enemies, and he’s not afraid of making a few more in pursuit of his goals. Wrongly convicted of treason and sentenced to an often-short life of hard labor, an uncommon deal is struck that grants Gideon one last chance to clear his name, or at least get back at the ones who sent him to his death. Traveling to Nike City with his pet draco, Elvis, Gideon uncovers a plot to fracture his world that runs deeper than anyone could imagine. The planet Fortune has Gideon on a short supply of its namesake, but that’s never stopped him before.

Soldier of Fortune: A Gideon Quinn Adventure has a lot to offer between its endearing characters and remarkable world, complete with all the little touches which sell the planet of Fortune as an expansive, immersive setting. There’s even a cool slang used throughout; a neat touch that is thankfully easy to pick up and doesn’t just act as a barrier to entry. It’s a bit of a short book in feel, nothing too new in concept, however it is still an absolutely stand-out little book and a roaring first showing from debut author Kathleen McClure.

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