The Tale of Miss Berta London by Jihan Latimer

Miss Berta LondonIn The Tale of Miss Berta London: “Recollections of Accomplishments,” readers experience the turmoils of the eponymous character as she overcomes adversity with shocking resolve, and demonstrates an ability to roll expertly with life’s many punches in her role as a fashion editor for the international E-Fashion Magazine and then onto becoming a nanny for the Williamson children.

As a character, Berta is compelling and interesting to read, but she is theatrically so , and the book is written in a journalistic style. The writing is also highly declarative, as Berta reminisces on her working life in a diary fashion.

The descriptions are lush and unexpectedly poetic at times, and the story itself is uplifting and fluid. The pacing is consistent and the introduction of new characters is always done with a purpose. In the middle of the book, the author seems to hit her stride, and takes a bit more time reflecting on the events, rather than simply dictating them.

It is important to not only tell a story, but also lead readers to certain conclusions – the message you are attempting to convey with your writing. Jihan Latimer has a gentle touch that as a writer achieves this, along with a passion for international flavor and the ability to deliver a strong, memorable leading lady. The Tale of Miss Berta London is a peculiar book, but that is intentional – and overall, it is done with some skill.

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