Success Through PICKSS by Muthuswamy N

Success through PICKSS by Muthuswamy NPICKSS is a system developed by Muthuswamy N, the founder of Quest Systems, a business consulting firm. His acronym stands for Prevention of Ineffectiveness through Concentration in Key Specifics Strategy. In Success Through PICKSS, Muthuswamy lists many reasons people often give for not being able to do their work, then shows how they can be productive by resetting attitudes and utilizing both sides of the brain—left (logic) and right (creativity).

Muthuswamy’s manual lists several different steps businesses can take, no matter the budget. For example, one must identify a “Super System,” or “Receiver”: to whom is your product targeted? Additionally, businesses need to examine hiring practices, not only to ensure that those hired can do the jobs required, but want to. The book is full of unique business strategies, and stresses that all work can be accomplished easily and effectively.

Muthuswamy writes confidently and convincingly, presenting numerous cogent examples, as well as more-philosophical and holistic ones –  from the Mahabharata (a Sanskrit epic), to warfare and mythology. He speaks as someone who has experimented and perfected his methodology in years of practice, and the book should be helpful for those looking for out-of-the-box thinking in the workplace.