The Dragon Orb (The Alaris Chronicles Book 1) by Mike Shelton

The Dragon Orb (The Alaris Chronicles Book 1) by Mike SheltonThe kingdom of Alaris has enjoyed a relative calm for years, in no small part due to its magical prowess. But when the magical barrier that protects the land is broken, three of its brilliant wizards are thrust into an unexpected war for supremacy. It’s more than simply invasion that threatens the kingdom, but the dark secrets rising from within. Will Bakari, Alli, and Roland find themselves on the right side of history? Will they fight together, or against one another?

The Dragon Orb is the first book of the Alaris Chronicles series by Mike Shelton, and brings a refreshing take on magic and politics in fantasy. Far from droll, the world feels very much alive as the wizards take on their new challenges, struggling with their personal demons as much as those of the land they are expected to protect. With great power comes great responsibility, though to what end the power is used is another matter…

For people wanting a fantasy kingdom-based read that is more sorcery than swords with a depth of intrigue that goes well beyond blood and debauchery, The Dragon Orb is a solid new entry in the genre.

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