Being the Best You! by Fayth Thomas

Being the Best You! by Fayth Thomas Being the Best You! by Fayth Thomas is a charming and informative children’s book about caring for people and finding out what you want to be when you grow up. Darwin is given an assignment at school to see what job he might want to do when he’s an adult. At first he’s not really sure, but then he realizes he likes caring for his grandmother who has diabetes and decides he wants to be a doctor, which has all his fellow students cheering.

At once a book about how to care for a person with an illness and a child’s aspirations for life, Being the Best You! is an inspirational book with a solid message for young children. The focus on diabetes comes midway through the book and comes something of a surprise, given the book’s early emphasis, but it is refreshingly weaved into a parallel story about goals and aspirations.

At the same time, some of the material at the end, which includes informational tables about healthy eating for diabetics, could have been woven into the story itself. The title of this section is “What parents should offer children to eat,” which is not entirely what the book is about, as the emphasis is about a child caring for another person with the ailment, so the story could have emphasized more about the illness.

Overall, however, Being the Best You! has two great messages: the importance of caring for people, and the importance of high aspirations. Coupled with the expressive and colorful illustrations, it is a message that kids will take to heart, and one that parents will be eager to instill in young children.