Guilt by Bruce W. Perry

Guilt by Bruce W. PerryThree men are going on the vacation of lifetime in the Swiss Alps, when it’s revealed that one of the men might be involved in some shady business practices. After a deadly avalanche, questions arise about one of the men’s motives, and if he’s really as innocent as he seems.

Guilt begins as a nice take on the middle-aged man adventure – men who are devoted to their families and careers, but the chances for adventure are fewer and farther between. However, things take a surprisingly dark turn, so the book isn’t a by-rote tale of middle-aged bonding, as the book skirts the edge of crime fiction.

Some of the descriptions of characters are a bit simple without digging too deep into just what makes each character tick, beyond checkboxes about what each character represents. The same can also be said of setting, which is a missed opportunity in a book about mountain climbing. Of course, this is a novella, so Perry doesn’t dive too much into the details, but it does feel in places like the book could have been fleshed out into a longer work.

However, it does make for a quick read that never slows in pace, and one becomes glued to the plot as it speeds along. Overall, Guilt is a fast-paced and engaging novella with an intriguingly dramatic twist that will take readers entirely by surprise.