Ansel, and Soul by Naöt Maeh Nam

Ansel, and Soul by Naöt Maeh NamTold through the eyes of Kamera, Ansel, and Soul: Get Lost in Heaven…(Don’t) puts a unique twist on the concept of paradise and the human condition. A cross between sci-fi and philosophy, it takes readers on a journey of imagination, self-realization, and questioning, that leaves them wondering if there is more out there than we can see with our eyes.

Naöt Maeh Nam’s writing style is definitely unique and may turn readers away initially with the choppy, untraditional structure and characters. For those readers who push through the first couple of chapters, a fantastically vivid world awaits them – a world where human evolution both physical and mental have made it possible for hatred and discontent to be a thing of the past, and where imagination opens up unlimited worlds for those who let it.

Even in this amazing new paradise, Ansel questions the very existence of his everyday life and he soon realizes that his decisions affect not only himself but those that he loves. Through an unexpected plot twist, all the seemingly random elements in the story finally come together giving the reader a cohesive final picture.

The book could use an edit to smooth out sentence structure and enhance the book’s overall clarity, but there is a wholly unique novel here for the patient reader. Those who make a connection with the book will find that Ansel, and Soul has a strong message woven inside its pages.

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