The Power of Being Articulate by Pete Geissler

The Power of Being ArticulateBusiness writer and corporate coach Pete Geissler asserts that acquiring and using a large vocabulary can influence business and personal success in The Power of Being Articulate: The Thoughtful Leader’s Model for Wealth and Happiness.

Articulation – the ability to use and express language eloquently and effectively – is a valued skill in both business and personal interactions. Geissler’s model, the WinAgon, shows how well-honed language skills result in a “win” by connecting and conveying ideas, leading to better decision-making and persuasive communication of concepts. Since basic cognition requires language, those who master words will deliver new ideas, in turn receiving respect from co-workers, employees, and clients.

The book would hardly be effective if the writing itself did not practice what it espouses. Geissler’s book is certainly well-articulated, written clearly and concisely in a way that should help businesspeople conduct everyday communication. It is much more effective in its outline of business communication, and could have used more about personal communication, but this is a business book at its core, and on that front it is very effective.

An exemplar of his method, The Power of Being Articulate is a well-organized work that will be useful to people in business, not just in leadership positions, but for potential leaders as well.