Darryl Sloan: Magician

Darryl Sloan, author of the novel, Chion – soon to be reviewed by the Self-Publishing Review – has some interesting thoughts about self-publishing. It is in line with the basic manifesto of the Self-Publishing Review: the fact that the ill-conceived books have come to represent self-publishing on the whole. And given the fact that it’s so hard to get the stamp of approval from the publishing industry that there no shame whatsoever in being self-published. The idea is to find readers and there’s great value in finding readers no matter how a book is released. I know from my own experience that some of the best relationships I’ve formed with other readers and writers has happened because I self-released a book. I did not get the “Big Book Deal” (though I did get a big literary agent), but that is far from the only goal of writing or publishing.

Some excellent food for thought here, and also an example of how you can use Youtube for book promotion.

Darryl Sloan has also mastered telekinesis. Really. Yes, really. Watch this video: it is amazing.

Now if he can use his mind to coerce people into buying his book, he might have something! Given the evidence in this video, he might actually do that.