Sexy New E-Readers on the Horizon

Ars Technica’s Jon Stokes has an interesting article about upcoming e-readers that will be hyped next week at CES 2010:

All signs indicate that the e-reader is to CES 2010 what the razor-thin LED-backlit TV was to CES 2009—a technology whose time in the commercial spotlight is now at hand, and which will make a huge, multi-vendor push into the market in the coming year. A whole raft of e-reader devices and technologies will be on display at next week’s CES—were I to cover all of them, this article would run for many pages. This being the case, in this short preview I’ll offer a quick look at three of the most promising e-reader efforts that we’ll be watching closely for this year’s CES coverage.

Hooray, even more hardware choices and proprietary formats to worry about! Still, it’s exciting to see the ebook market starting to come to a boil. Add these to Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s e-reader, that Barnes & Noble Nook thing and the mythical ebook reading Apple tablet device that has the rumor sites all aflutter, and it looks like everybody’s trying to get a piece of the action.

Read the full article here.