Why Good Writing Always Enhances Good SEO

Everyone that has a website knows that they are in a sea of hundreds of millions of other websites.  Even if you are in a unique niche or category, you still have hundreds of thousands of competing sites.  This is not always a bad situation, however, you need to let people, that need your products or services, know that you are on the internet.

There are hundreds of thousands of sites that have products and services to enhance your SEO (search engine optimization), in the attempt to make you more noticeable in your particular area of expertise.  Some of these SEO services are helpful, and many are not.  Regardless of the success (or lack of success) of these services, SEO is very important– and mandatory to become noticed!  Even with the best SEO strategies, tools and methods, you still have to KEEP THE ATTENTION of people that like, and want, your products and services.  If you are fortunate to be in the top 10 listings of all the search engines, you most likely understand that IS NOT THE ONLY VARIABLE  that will help your business.

Even if you are successful at SEO optimization, you still need to have people like your website, and the way that your message is conveyed– to establish a high quality reputation.  Even if someone finds your site in the search engines, and they notice that your site is poorly written, they are not likely to  stay on your site, or recommend you to a friend that may need your product or service.  I have seen many different types of sites, in all different types of categories, that are doing well in the search engines, but the owner of the site is still wondering why they cannot consistently, over time, keep their homepage bounce rate under 30%.  Bounce rates are not the only variable to look at when evaluating your website, however, if the bounce rate on your home page is consistently high, you definitely need to re-evaluate how it is written.

You may be talking over your audience, writing with bad grammar and punctuation, getting off on tangents that do not serve your intended audience well, and/or a multitude of other writing variables.  In any case, you can help lower your homepage bounce rates by having a professional edit your writing. No one should edit their own writing, and even editors need editing. Take the extra time and professionalism to get it right, so that your bottom line matches your total SEO success!