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Profitable Price Points for U.S. and UK eBooks

A fascinating survey of ebook sales, via Luzme – the ebook price comparison site, shows the different ebook buying habits of readers in the U.S. and UK. UK self-publishers should especially take note, as ebook pricing in the UK has a much different impact than in the U.S. Many U.S. self-publishers already publish books in the $.99-$2.99 range, and her results show this price point works well.


Ebooks sell decently across the board, especially up to a $5 price point. However, in the U.K., it’s completely different. Ebooks only sell well in the cheap range.


For UK self-publishers, this should tell you to keep prices low. Additionally, for U.S. self-publishers, if you’ve set the book to $2.99+ in the American market, it makes sense to set a different price point internationally.

The conclusion:

In the USA:

  1. Ebooks sell at all prices from $1 up to $10.
  2. The most popular price range was $1-2.
  3. The most revenue was earned between in the $9-10 price range.
  4. Specialised ebooks sell at high prices, over $100.

In the UK:

  1. It’s completely different!
  2. Ebooks don’t sell well above £5.
  3. The most popular price range was <= £1.
  4. The most revenue was earned in the <= £1 price range.
  5. There is less evidence of specialised ebooks selling at high prices

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  1. Don’t forget that it’s the royalty income that matters more than sales numbers. If you’re going to be selling through Amazon, play close attention to Amazon’s strange royalty scheme. It pays 70% only for ebooks between $2.99 and $9.99 versus only 35% outside that range. Note too Amazon’s hideous download fee for ebooks over $2.99.

    Since a $.99 ebook is only going to earn only $.35, if you’re writing a series, you might be better off giving away the first as a loss leader to attract readers to later volumes at $2.99 and up. If your tale is worth the reading, that first free volume will easy recoup your loss with more $2.99+ sales.

    –Michael W. Perry, Tolkien Warriors

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