African Dream: The Dawn of a New Day

african dreamWhy is it that although Africa is filled with natural resources, the vast majority of African people are still living in poverty? How come people are starving in Africa when there are many billionaires around the world enjoying extravagant lifestyles in their big yachts, private jets and big mansions? Why are innocent children dying in Somalia when mountains of food are thrown away everyday here in Britain and other places around the world. What should the rich do to help the poor in Africa? And finally, when are the people of Africa themselves going to take responsibility for their own problems?

There are many who argue that the Western world has tried to bring an end to poverty in Africa. In the face of their efforts it is not surprising that some people ask the question of why so little progress has been made.

Chief Chebe, the author of African Dream believes that the wrong question has been asked for far too long. He simply asks: “How can you help a person or a people who are not prepared to help themselves?” He goes on to say we need to ask ourselves painful questions like: “Are Africans too lazy, greedy and selfish to address the problems themselves?

Look at what is happening in the Horn of Africa today. Where are the Ghanaians, Nigerians, South Africans, Angolans and Malawians carrying food from their excess to give to the needy in the Dadaab Refugee Camp? Another fact is that only 30% of Kenya is suffering from drought, the rest of the country experienced bumper harvest this year. One may therefore ask: What are the rich Kenyans doing to help their poor brothers and sisters? The visible lack of actions by Africans to address the problems in their own backyard beggars belief. Is it not time to ditch the selfish, uncaring and wicked mentality to make way for positive progress in Africa?”

The African Dream sets out a bold and compelling vision for a positive future in Africa. Part novel with engaging characters and an engrossing narrative, the message is clear and sticks like glue to the mind…

“The African Dream is your dream, my dream and the dream of every African,” said Professor Bingu Wa Mutharika the president of Malawi.
“With a strong will, I know that Africans can live their dreams in Nairobi and Lagos, Kigali, Kinshasa, Harare, and right here in Accra,” President Obama said in his speech to the Ghanaian Parliament in July 2009. The African Dream is alive and you can help to spread the word. Hopefully, enough people will act to make a difference.

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