Review: Take My Husband, Please by Kimberly Jayne ★★★★

Take my husband, pleaseTake My Husband, Please, by Kimberly Jayne, is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy.

Sophie Camden is a rookie realtor working on the biggest sale of her career. And she has the hots for a new man in her life. But not all is perfect for her.

Will Camden, Sophie’s soon-to-be-ex-husband, has been laid off and is reeling from an investment disaster. He has no choice but to move back in with Sophie and their two young daughters.

Sophie wants to move on with her life, but she can’t until Will moves on with his. They agree that he has to go on five blind dates and Sophie gets to choose the women.

What could go wrong with Sophie setting up dates for Will? Plenty. That’s wonderful news for readers. Each dating debacle makes for fun and sometimes cringe-worthy reading. Will’s been out of the dating world for years and it really shows.

But this novel isn’t solely about Will going on blind dates. It’s about Will and Sophie. What went wrong in their relationship and how they are dealing with the fallout. Relationships are never easy. Divorce makes it nearly impossible for two people to get along, but Will and Sophie have to live under the same roof while they finalize the end of their marriage.  This tension adds fireworks galore. While the novel will have you laughing, it’s not all fun and games. Don’t be surprised if you need a tissue at times.

Will and Sophie are wonderfully flawed characters who find themselves in one absurd situation after another that’ll have you in stitches. In addition, the quirky supporting cast really brings this novel to life. One character in particular steals the show every time she appears. Tess is Sophie’s best friend and she has wonderful one-liners. At one point, Sophie asks Tess if she thinks the hot guy Sophie’s interested in likes kids. Tess responds with, “Only when the chef’s out of red meat.” At another point Tess says, “Trust me, good girls might go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere.” Tess is the type of friend all of us need when going through a crisis. She’s steady as a rock and knows when to tell a joke so you don’t lose your mind completely.

While the outcome of the novel isn’t a major surprise – it’s a romantic comedy after all – the author was able to throw in several hilarious and suspenseful twists and turns to keep the reader’s interest. It’s easy to cheer for both Will and Sophie, even though at times, you want to slap them and shout, “Can’t you see what’s really important in life!” But that’s a hallmark of an endearing story: feeling as if you know the characters in real life and wanting the best for them.

Hopefully the author intends to continue Will and Sophie’s story because I have a feeling readers will want to know what happens next. And if their adventures are anything like the ones in this novel, the sequel promises to be a sidesplitting and heart-warming read that’ll make your heart sing.

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  • Suzy Soro

    Love that Mae West quote about good girls and bad girls. And she’s right!

  • Sounds like a fun book and one that would be diverting and great company for a rainy weekend.