Review: The Busy Executive Diet by Gabriella Kindert ★★★★

The Busy Executive DietThe Busy Executive Diet by Gabriella Kindert is a conveniently-planned and well-researched guide book to eating healthily while maintaining a hectic professional lifestyle including how to eat on the go while traveling and how to lose weight and stay hydrated. While a lot of offices now provide buffet breakfast with unhealthy cake and loads of strong coffee, it’s interesting to see how exactly it might be possible to cope with a modern lifestyle without resorting to that all-important sugar/caffeine combo we all have become dependent upon.

Gabriella herself lives by these rules. You only have to take a glimpse at her photo to see a youthful, slim, and radiant person with health bouncing off her. It’s obvious from her helpful videos (see below) that she has lived this life, and has worked out how to balance everything she does, from being a mom to a wife to a professional – not just a simple career girl, but a high-flying banking executive. But this book is not just for women – it’s for men too. Considering the amount of hours we all need to work in our careers, especially in the financial sector, it’s no surprise our health is failing us. Kindert addresses these issues quite simply, without fuss, and makes it really easy to make changes today to save your body, mind, and spirit while still maintaining energy levels for optimum performance in today’s global business environment.

Kindert not only talks about what to eat and drink as a long-term plan, but also how to relax when life gets too busy to handle. She explains how our body’s intricate system is interconnected, and why a holistic approach is so essential to a happy but busy and functioning life.

The only issue is the price of the book. Given it is quite short, and compared to other books on the market in this subject, it is not comprehensive enough to warrant the higher price tag.  It would be advisable for the author to think about either dropping her price or extend her book in a new edition to increase value for money – and increase her sales for more exposure. In such a competitive market it’s essential to make sure readers are attracted to a book on the Amazon page, and at this price it’s doubtful Kindert, not yet a known, trained, or famous nutritionist after all, can command an audience that would be willing to try out her book for more than most known experts are charging.

However, for me, as for many busy business people, this book does offer an interesting insight into one executive’s success with eating. Looking at some tips here on”stress-busting” foods did help me, for example. Kindert says, “This is why this book is for you – because I AM YOU.” She really does write from the heart, and every experience here is first-hand from her own life, including her last pregnancy at 40 – well, note her photo – she looks incredible for a woman who had a pregnancy at 40 years old, and for this reason alone this book should be seriously considered as a true and convincing plan for your current working life without making too many drastic changes, but to get some easy-to-handle, positive and lasting results for the rest of your life.

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The Busy Executive Diet: How to Achieve Your Ideal Weight, Sharpen Your Brain and Balance Your Mind.

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