The Myth of Self-Publishing, Part 1

I can only comment as someone who writes to get people to read what he writes, but doesn’t do a good job of selling his writing. Reading about the great success of Amanda Hocking should make me jealous, but it has the opposite effect.  I read about her success, and wish her well, the way I wished Jennifer Anniston well when Brad left her for Angelina. Amanda has become unreal to me, a celebrity among other celebrities, while I’m still all too real for my own good. Brad may leave Angelina for Amanda for all I know. It is so far out of my experience they might all be fictional characters, created by E! and People magazine, to entertain us in the grocery store lines.

My book review site, Smashwords Books Reviewed, is now a do-it-yourself review site on Facebook. You can write your own review, tell your bio and interests, say hi! to your friends, Create or join a discussion. Search for it on Facebook. Tell your friends and family. No more bickering about quality writing, no more vile comments, no more me having to do all the work for free. Promote your book, then promote the site, so you’ll get more readers. There’s nothing in it for me, so you can feel comfortable I will not send you a bill.

Social networking is a double-edged sword, and I’m much too awkward to carry sharp and pointy objects. I’d like to see everyone take advantage of this resource, make it grow like  mountain weed, and get us all high with your efforts. I’ll help when I can.

So what is the myth of self-publishing? That you can chat your way to the golden fleece.

  • I’d like to hear some background about this: “No more bickering about quality writing, no more vile comments…” What happened?

    • I was referring to the Jacqueline Howett blow-up I’d just read about at SPR. Then I read about a British writer who’s reviewer at Amazon changed position over politics and used abusive ad hominem attacks in an attempt to block her sales.

      You’re right, Henry. I need to reference those. I was having trouble making the hyperlinks work.

  • Neil, I’ll give your new endeavor a try and “make it grow like mountain weed, and get us all high.”

    Henry, if we don’t like something our fellow independent writers come up with, it’s very easy not to say anything in response.

    Although I do like what both of you have to offer.

  • Hi I like your concept of encouraging each other. Negativity should be done in private. I am new and not perfect, honing my skills and like to share the thoughts coming from my mind and heart. I believe if we are not perfect, and there are famous authors with their own style and successful with it, which were not perfect with grammer and other writing skills. Then comments should be sent to the writer through personal email. Not advrtised on public sites to discredited a dreamer. Offer helpful comments are always welcome and ratings of one to five assisted the author to want to improve their works if they are serious enough about their art.