17 Services to Tweet a Book

Tweeting your book is a tricky proposition. It can seem a lot like spam if you do it too often. Some say you shouldn’t do it at all:

The dumb-ass secret to promoting your book on Twitter is:

Don’t tweet about your book.

Shouting about yourself and your achievements (which is exactly what you’re doing when you tweet about your book) is the fastest, easiest and laziest way to get ignored on Twitter.

That may be a bit much. Everything in moderation. If you’re shy about potentially annoying your followers, and still want to get the word out, one method is to hire a tweet service. Because those services accounts are all opt-in, followers are actively looking for book deals.

This case study is interesting and shows how book tweeting can work. Here are her results.

Book Tweeting

Honestly, that’s better than I thought it would be. She didn’t break even, but one book sale could potentially lead to good word of mouth. The verdict is: book tweets aren’t ignored and can lead to sales.

Before you start, check out this article as well: How to write an effective book tweet – important info because these services let you write your own tweets.

The above case study used the first service on the list.

Pay Sites

Book Tweeting Service.com

@TweetYourBooks @WriteIntoPrint @TweetYourNovel
@TweetYourEbook  @BookBuzzers  @TweetsForBooks

They also run the site www.tweetyourbooks.com

Cost: $29-$125



@eBooksHabit, @eBooksWeLove, @TheBookTweeters, @eBooktweeters, @eBookPriceDrop

Cost: $19-$75



Author Alliance

$28.00 Tweet at least once per day for a week.
$68.00 Tweet at least once per day for a month.
$150.00 Tweet at least once per day for a year.
The tweets go out twice a day, once each on @authoralliance & @readersalliance for all orders. Tweets go to site.



Indie Author Success


The Social Media Blow out is a 72 hour (3 day) Social media frenzy Where our entire team markets your book 24 hours a day on all of their social media accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and Linkdin

Price – $40




$59 – includes other promotional options in addition to tweeting. Tweets go to the site rather than Amazon.

Whizbuzz sends book posts less than 12 months old to Twitter via @whizbuzz  (hourly) and @justpublishing (3 hourly) on a regular and rotational basis, which brings ongoing traffic to your book’s post, either directly when it is Tweeted, or by your book appearing in the 12 More Good Reads which appears under every book post on Whizbuzz. We are now also regularly Tweeting book cover images on both our @whizbuzz and @justpublishing Twitter accounts.



Books Go Social & Services 4 Authors

$49 for $100 tweets – tweets go to the site (mentions that the price will be going up)



Masquerade Crew

$20-$40 for 500-1000 tweets (though there aren’t nearly that many on the site’s main twitter feed)

Also has a free tweet exchange.



Novel Publicity

A bit different – offers a “Twitterview” (Twitter Interview) for $75. Here’s an example.

Free Services


Send us a tweet beginning with ‘announcement’ to share the latest news about your book. We’ll retweet and encourage others to do the same.


Tweet us your book promo and we will re-tweet it for you.


Send Tweet to @FreeBookPromo & We Will ReTweet It


Indie Author Retweet Group: Simply follow to join, then add #IARTG in any tweet you want us to re-tweet.

eBook Discovery

Retweet one of our ebook-related tweets and we will retweet one of yours to our growing fan-base of  readers. You can find us at @eBook_Romance and @eBook_Thrillers

Also has pay promotions for Facebook.

Other Services

These aren’t book tweeting services, but if you join the site, they’ll tweet your author or book profile.

  • Hi, I’m the founder of BooksGoSocial. Our service has been upgraded so all authors can see the hits we generate for them at any time, independently tracked & verified. See more at TheBookPromoter.com including author feedback and a table of tracked hits.

  • Aris Budi Setiarso

    [http://frustratedkindleauthor.com/] I
    have used this service twice having bought the 10,000 free downloads and have
    hit the top 10 in the Top 100 Free for all of Kindle. I was also number one in
    numerous categories during the free promo.After the promo stopped both books
    stayed in the 2000′s in the paid category for Kindle and held the top 4 spot in
    their categories. I will be buying this service for every book I launch because
    my sales in the first few days paid for it easily.This was all without dealing
    with the hassles of FB groups, freebie sites or anything like that. I highly
    recommend using this service.