Online Writing Tools That Help You Write

woman writingHere are several online tools to help you with the actual act of writing.


Writers just want to focus on what they are working on, as much as possible they don’t want distractions. This sort of application are now readily available online. Check this tool named Byword, an ideal Mac writing tool that will give writers the ability to focus more on their writing. It has a minimalist interface that you will enjoy.


Some say that Storyist provides everything what the writer needs. This is a perfect website application for aspiring novelists. It helps you focus on writing your plot, characters, and settings; And It also keeps track of your stories.

Squarespace Note

The app is pretty basic, and its particular monochrome design focuses on simplicity of its few features. This note would allow you to send your work to a friend, and have them look at it. You can synchronize your notes to your Dropbox, Evernote, and other application alike.


Using a particular word many times in your article is not good. It is annoying at times. Might as well use any synonym checker online for flourishing sentences. Synonym finder is actually more useful than many writers would realize. Using this would also enhance your vocabulary.


Checking this website expert editor might help to boost your creativity in writing. You can seek for their assistance from Time to time. An editor’s collaboration of this site could provide an above average work of writing. You can check out for the quality of their works online.

Creative Writing Prompts
Can’t think of any topic to write, or you have a difficulty in creating your first paragraph? Make use of this brilliant application. Those random prompts will ignite your creativity to write something whenever you have been experiencing a creative block.

Character Prompts

This app is for a storyteller, novelist, etc. One of the most difficult parts of being an author is outlining the characters’ development. You have to create an idea, then associate it to your character traits. Character Prompts help you with analyzing each and every character trait. This app gives you a thought-provoking questions that will help you for developing characters.